Custom Cabinets / Racks Pre-Build and Staging Services

Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures

Speed to market is a competitive advantage and Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT Rack and Stack Pre-build and Staging services are a great way to improve your speed to market. At Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT we have perfected the pre-build of server racks and cabinets at our Madison Heights, Michigan location.

Diversified Wire & Cable’s Rack and Stack – Pre-Build and Staging Services will significantly reduce the amount of time and labor as compared to when done in the field. When you consider your field labor costs for assembly of cabinets and racks, unpacking of individual components, assembling, installing and labeling them, then disposing of the packaging it’s easy to understand the savings realized.

Engaging Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT to pre-build your IT cabinets, racks or enclosures off site provides you with several benefits:

It allows you focus on building your facility, power & cooling infrastructure to run parallel to the cabinet build. This enables you to move “plug and play” racks onto your space as soon as it is ready and turn up services so you can begin generating revenue much sooner than if you have the cabinets built on site after the space is ready.

It provides for greater quality control and standardization of cabinet layout and patching. Diversified Wire & Cable’s experienced technicians and RCDD engineers work directly with you to enhance and finalize your cabinet design(s) and then produce each model identically per the design. This provides for ease of installation and maintenance.

With Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT as your trusted vendor you can shift the work activities of ordering cabinets, hardware, IT equipment and cabling to Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT enabling you to turn your multiple orders for these items into one order with Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT. We manage vendor deliveries and payments for you in this model, allowing you greater resource leveling of your own personnel. If you are not ready for a full turn-key service, Diversified Wire & Cable will accept the materials you order.

It allows you to keep your IT resources engaged in the logical turn-up and test of your new equipment and the daily operation of your facility rather than consuming their time in building cabinets and racks.

It dramatically reduces the number of deliveries and the amount of packing material that you must deal with at your facility and in doing so is a real benefit, understanding that by reducing the amount of packaging materials from active and passive equipment that is not delivered to the job site you gain additional LEED credits.

Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT provides a full line of custom cabinet, rack or enclosure build services for IT Data Centers, TC/TR equipment rooms, Control Panels and operation support. Each of our cabinets are built to precise specifications, which can either be provided by you, or configured by our Professional Services Design Team.

Cabinets Rack and Enclosures are fully assembled, tested, certified and ready to install, helping you to reduce the time and cost associated with sourcing to multiple vendors. Each individual unit is packaged to meet domestic or international shipping and documentation requirements. We can then ship as one full order or ship to your facility in stages as “Just in Time Deliveries”.

We also have and can provide many different custom product fabrications for unique customer project requirements. Just show us what you have and we can build it!

Patch Panel Builds

Installing pre-built fiber patch panels can save vital time and money versus manually inserting each adaptor in the field. We offer a hassle-free solution of loaded patch panels including labeling per your standards. Our ability to configure in-house ensures that the focus remains on quality and execution of installation.

Components Labeling

Customers can save time and resources with our labeling service, as a part of our kitting and pre-stage offerings. Our dedicated engineers will work with you on your individual requirements and labeling needs.

Pre-Labeling of equipment can prove a vital component to your next installation, allowing easy identification of cabinets, racks, panels, patch leads and cables. This saves crucial time versus manually undertaking this in the field.

If you’re building or growing your facility by a few or a few hundred cabinets/racks, Diversified Wire & Cable can help you make the process significantly more efficient and cost effective with our Rack and Stack services.