Computer-Aided Drafting and Drawing Services

CAD Drafting and Drawing Services

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) professionals are here to assist you with detailed projects or when your workload exceeds your current staffing. Our knowledgeable staff understands the needs of Network Architecture and Design Build documentation and can quickly transform your hand sketches or shop drawings into quality construction or presentation documents allowing you more time for your projects.

Our goal at Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT is to provide our clients with timely deliverables at a fair price for your CAD drafting needs. Using our CAD services eliminates the need for you to employ full time drafting personal, which can be very expensive. We specialize in the use of AutoCAD and Visio formats to complete various types of 2D drawings. Our services can include the scanning, copying, tracing and plotting of your project drawings. Here at Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT we will treat your project as the only project and will complete it in a timely manner. From hand sketches to complex drawings, big or small, Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT can handle it all.

Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT can provide rapid turn around and competitive pricing for all our CAD services.

Project As-Built Drawings

We have completed hundreds of “As-Built” drawing packages for our clients. This allows our clients to focus on their next project, while also completing the final as-built deliverables to their customer and in turn get paid in full sooner by closing out the project.

From your marked up “Redline” drawings, Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT will scan your originals to file. We then update all information to the original project CAD files. Including title block setup, adds, moves, device identifiers, elevation/equipment layouts, plan views, one line drawings, etc.

Drafting-Copying-Plotting-Scanning Services

We offer the following services utilizing our industry leading OCE Color or B&W wide format plotters, scanner and copier;

  • Print/Plot your drawing files from any format to any size media
  • Scan and Digitize your paper hard copy drawings/prints
  • Scan your PDF files into ACAD .dwg, or Tiff files
  • Outsourcing your CAD drafting work to Diversified Wire & Cable PSDT
  • Onsite Survey’s and modeling to confirm and document existing assets

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss what we can do to help you with your next project.