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Welcome to Diversified Wire & Cable

A lot of distributors offer many of the same services and sell similar products. Why is Diversified Wire & Cable the standout choice distributor? At Diversified Wire & Cable, we embrace a particular philosophy when it comes to service.

Diversified Wire & Cable
Mission Statement

Our goal is to work with our customers from thought to finish, by building a unique and proficient engineering services approach.

We help companies make a more informed decision on their product selection and system solutions for their current and future business needs.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by attending to every order with our “Extreme Customer Service”, which means we are totally committed to do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Every day we work to help better the lives of our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

extreme serviceExtreme ServiceWe call it Extreme Service. It means intelligent solutions, total dependability and a proactive approach to everything we do. It’s an over-the-top, beyond-the-norm, fanatical commitment to doing ANYTHING it takes to meet your needs.

intelligent solutionsIntelligent SolutionsFrom the most cost-effective product recommendation, to the most efficient infrastructure design, our service professionals have the insight and expertise they need to save you time, money and hassle at every step of your project. We stay up to date with the most recent BICSI, TIA, IEEE and other international standards and  requirements, and train our own team to perform in compliance with industry standards. We even host certification courses to outside professionals who want to be just like us.

dependabilityDependabilityReliability is everything. You need to know that what you ordered will be there, exactly as promised, at the time it was promised to you. Diversified Wire & Cable lives by those promises. Whether it means anticipating your order and pre-stocking our warehouse, or driving across the country to get it to you on time. We take pride in our ability to meet our commitments. Day in and day out.

proactive approachProactive ApproachAt Diversified Wire & Cable, we’re not only going above and beyond to meet your existing needs, we’re constantly seeking out and recommending an even better solution. We strive to identify a more cost-effective product, to be prepared for the unexpected deadlines, and to always stay two steps ahead of your biggest challenges.